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Montana Surrender


  Storm's eyes went to her face as he continued to soothe her breast. Her breath feathered over his own face, drawing his gaze to her mouth. Though the rain had washed the blood away, he noticed the dark bruise on her cheek and the inch long cut in the corner of her mouth. His other hand came up and he caressed Jessica's full lower lip. "He hit you. We need to get some cool cloths on that bruise." "The rain cooled it enough, Storm," Jessica found herself whispering as she stroked her index finger down his jaw bone. "I think it needs some warmth now. Won't you kiss it and make it better?" Storm groaned and licked his dry lips. "I... I don't think I better." Jessica stood on tiptoe and tilted her head back. Her breast settled securely between them. "Please, Storm?" she whispered. "Make the pain better for me and I'll do all I can to make it better for you." Invisible wires tugged Storm's head downward and he found it impossible to resist their pull. He tried. Oh, how he tried. His traitorous heart pounded at the thought of finally having Jessica in a safe place where he could show her how much he was coming to love her. But his mind shouted silently to him that this happiness, too, would be fleeting. The mind lost when Jessica slipped her hands around his neck and added her urging to the wires. Just one taste. One taste to make her feel better and let his heart have a few seconds surcease from the constant pain.


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