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What Authors have to say about eBook Discovery's Read & Review Club

"I have used eBook Discovery’s Read & Review program a couple of times now for new books and I’ve been thrilled with the results.  Not only was it cost effective, I got close to thirty new reviews for my last book, Reckless In Laguna. There are a lot of sites out there that promise results. The Read & Review Club delivers."

Sharon Kay

"The Read and Review Club is a easy and secure way for authors to connect with readers.  It extended my reach to readers that considered me a "new to them" author and I am delighted with the response."

Melissa Keir

"The Read & Review Club helped me find some new readers who loved my book- One Night in Laguna. They had wonderful things to say about my writing style and their reviews pushed me into new avenues of book promotion."

"I have nothing but good things to say about eBook Discovery. The reviewers who chose my book did a great job of sharing their thoughts in a way that might help other readers decided whether or not my book was right for them."

"eBook Discovery is my go-to newsletter for selling books and getting reviews.  
The staff at eBook Discovery is helpful, accessible, and always open to new ideas or suggestions.  They are a pure pleasure to work with. Add that to the fact their newsletter actually sells books and gets reviews, and they’ve become my go-to eBook marketing team."

"So far, I’ve submitted three books for reviews from the eBook Discovery Read and Review Club. Not only have I received a diverse assortment of reviews, many of which have been moving and beautifully written, but I’ve also acquired the reviews within a reasonable amount of time.

I plan on continuing to use the Read and Review Club. It was simple to sign up and submit my manuscript, and I was thrilled with the number of reviews I received."

"I love the Read and Review Club! I’ve received a dozen fair, wonderful reviews in a week. I’ve also used the Club's ARC Program before a manuscript was published and it really helped me focus in on the problems and the strengths of the manuscript. The Read and Review Club is now a routine part of my publishing career. I don’t want to publish without it."

"As an indie author, utilizing eBook Discovery’s Read & Review Club is one of the best business investments I’ve made to date! I highly recommend their services."

"eBook Discovery is a great, affordable alternative to getting my books into the hands of readers. Their Read and Review Club targeted readers who were specifically interested in my genre. I saw great success in getting honest reviews of my book, and I will definitely be working with ebook Discovery again.” 

Information for Authors

Tired of begging for reader reviews? The eBook Discovery Read & Review club is here to help.

The Read & Review Club is:

  • A simple and affordable way for authors to connect with a large group of avid readers who voluntarily post honest reviews.
  • A way for avid readers to acquire good books.
  • We fully adhere to the highest ethical standards and follow Amazon's policies.

The eBook Discovery Read & Review Club is NOT a pay-for-review service. Our club members receive no direct compensation, except for a free copy of your book.
Please Note: Your paid fee does not buy book reviews. You are paying to reach a select group of avid readers who have self-identified as readers and reviewers of your book's genre/category.

How does the program work?

  •  You pay one flat fee and provide a copy of your book's .epub file and cover. We handle the rest.
  • A page is added to the end of your ebook that contains links to the major eRetailer(s) where your book is listed. Club members use these links to voluntarily post honest reviews.
  • We then place your book and its corresponding download link in a PRIVATE eZine and send it to our Reviewers who have self-identified as readers & reviewers of your book's genre (category). 
  • Readers have 5 days to download a copy of your book from our servers. Then the link expires. We utilize ProlificWorks as a platform to ensure that your ebook file is easy to download and DRM protected. Available copies are also limited. This safeguards against any possibility of rampant downloads.
  • Download links to Read & Review Club books appear NOWHERE on the public internet.
  • Reader/reviewers may post reviews within 90 days of download, at any place where your book is listed in any format.

The safety of your book, and gathering reviews for your book, are our highest priorities.

Book Requirements

  • The eBook version of your book must be listed with at least two major eRetailers, or (for Amazon KU titles) be listed on Goodreads as well as Amazon.
  • You must have access to the .epub version of your book.
  • You must have a Paypal account.

What happens next? If your title is accepted for the Read & Review Club, we will contact you via email with additional instructions. You will also be asked to provide a .epub and cover file at that time.

Have more questions? Please contact us at

Click here for pricing and to submit your book

eBook Discovery does not accept Poetry, Children's books, or Erotica. All eBook Discovery decisions are final.

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