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Don't Beg for Reviews

Use eBook Discovery's Read & Review Club Instead

  • Read and Review Club is a simple and affordable way for authors to garner reviews from a large group of avid readers who voluntarily post honest reviews at various eRetailer sites.
  • Read and Review Club is NOT a pay for review service. Our readers receive no compensation, except a free copy of your book for the purpose of reading and reviewing.
  • Our Club is 100% compliant with Amazon's Review Policy.  
  • Your Book's Safety is Our Highest Priority: Download links that we provide to our Club members for the purpose of reading and reviewing appear NOWHERE on the public internet. Club members are notified via a private members-only email, indicating that your book is available to them for review.
  • Price: $49.00
  • How many reviews might you receive?
    Depending on your book's genre/category you can typically expect 7 - 13 reviews in approximately 30 days, although our club members have 90 days to post their reviews.
    Most reviews are posted at Amazon and Goodreads, although reviews can be posted at any major eRetailer.
  • Our Guarantee: If your book receives less than 5 posted reviews in 90 days, we will re-run your book at no charge.

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