Grow Your Reader eMail List

Want to grow your Reader eMail List?

Submit your book to eBook Discovery's Premier Group Giveaway.

  • What is a Premier Group Giveaway? a safe and simple way to exchange a copy of your book for a qualified reader's email address.
  • How does it work: Your book is carefully grouped with up to 10 other similar books, creating a Premier Group Giveaway. Then, we put the giveaway in front of up to 700K readers, while all the represented authors send the same giveaway to their reader lists. At the end of the (5 to 7 day) giveaway, most participating authors net 500 to 1000 qualified email addresses.
  • Benefits: Expanded reader list. More "book 2" sales. More reader reviews. More readers who will want to know about your next New Release.
  • How to participate: To see our upcoming Group Giveaway schedule and get all the details, click the orange Submit Your Book button.
  • Price: FREE 

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