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FREE (no charge) Promotion

for Perma-Free & Occasionally Free ebooks

How Does It Work? Sometimes a promo just doesn't work out as the author planned. When that happens, we're left with a paid, but empty, promo slot... which could be YOUR gain.

What do I need to do? Complete the Submission Form, telling us about your Perma-Free or Occasionally Free ebook.

Will I be assigned a promotion date? No. We often don't know a slot will be vacated until 4am, the morning of the scheduled promotion.

How does this work with an Occasionally Free ebook? When completing the Submission Form, tell us when you expect your book will be free. If your book is selected for a vacated slot, and your book is free at that time, we'll contact you after the promotion runs.

Can I get a GUARANTEED promotion date for my free ebook? Yes. Click the Guaranteed Promotion Options button. While our Daily eZine is the most economical, our Special Offer promotion will get you the most clicks.

Is there something I can do to help eBook Discovery? Yes! Tell all your author friends about us.

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