Excerpt from Sunny's Smile

     "You walked out without this," she said simply, holding his hat out to him. "You're not in the habit yet, cowboy. Can't leave the hat behind."
     With her arm outstretched, it was a natural instinct that made him step toward her, and he didn't waste a second. In two steps he was right in front of her. He sucked in his breath, feeling almost enveloped into her aura.
     He towered over her. Sunny's head came only to his shoulder. So close, he had the sudden awareness of the combinations of traits within her. She was petite and powerful. Quiet and forceful. Full of tradition and scientific knowledge. Strong and vulnerable. Doctor and woman.
     He reached out his hand, his logical intention being to reclaim his hat. But his hand had other plans. His fingers raised to her chin, softly lifting it, tilting her face closer to his. Gently, almost like a dream, he lowered his head, bringing his lips to hers. The kiss was soft, like a caress, yet he felt as if an electric current ran through his body. Life changing. And unexplainable.
     When he raised his head, he gazed into her dark eyes. He saw shock there. Instantly, he knew he had made a mistake.
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