About eBook Discovery

About eBook Discovery

for Authors & Publishers

What is eBook Discovery: Free to readers, eBook Discovery helps thousands of avid ebook lovers discover more books that they love, while providing publishers and authors with an affordable way to drive sales and develop new fans.

Does eBook Discovery promote MORE than just Amazon? Yes, eBook Discovery promotes sales links to all the major ebook retailers.

Subscriber Count: Presently, eBook Discovery has about 250k subscribers. 62% are avid romance readers, 20% are Mystery & Cozy Mystery readers, 10% enjoy Thrillers, 7% read SyFy & Fantasy.

Growth Rate: We add approximately 2000 new subscribers every month.

Open Rate: Our present open rate is 26%, 11 points ABOVE the Industry standard of 15%.

Click-through Rate: At present, our click-through rate is 27%, 24 points ABOVE the 3% industry standard.

Social Media Presence: Established in 2011, eBook Discovery has 56k Facebook fans and 80k Twitter followers.

What you can expect from eBook Discovery: Courteous service, an open mind, careful consideration of your book, prompt answers to your questions, and ebook sales/downloads from our readers. 

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